Soprano Bella’s ‘The Singers in Disguise’ July 2016 Newsletter

Laura, Ian, Ben in GuernseySoprano Bella’s ‘The Singers in Disguise’ July 2016 Newsletter

Writing this July newsletter – I am starting to miss performing with my friends in our Singers in Disguise Teams back home in the UK.


Yesterday was a fantastic show with Ellie Brogan and Nick Ransley who performed at a venue I would have liked to have seen myself- The Laura Ashley Manor. From La Donna Mobile to Cabaret , Nick with his beautiful Operatic Tenor voice and Ellie with her fantastic Broadway belt performed in great contrast to each other , but together gave the perfect Singers in Disguise show.As our motto says ‘ Everything from Opera to Abba in one act’!.


The day before we had my wonderful friend Bernadine Pritchett  performing with Ben Kerslake  in Portsmouth for a wedding there-please see how happy the Bride and Groom were in our photo.


And to see a small video from the show , please check out our Instagram

Bernadine and Ben 30-7-16


Other engagements include Ian Mclarnon, Ben Kerslake and Laura Abella jetting over to Guernsey for a ‘Hot Stuff- The Singing Fireman’ show. See how happy the Bride and Groom look with them in our photo.


Mandy Watsham , Ian  and Bernadine started July off with a large corporate engagement at The Landsdown Club in London’s West End where they performed a very well received Singers in Disguise show then Bernadine and Ian where joined by the lovely Wyn Pencarreg for a

‘Allo-Allo-Allo The Singing Policemen’ act in Oxshott.



Thanks again to our wonderful Sound men for July- Dave Mathews and Matt Boyles.

For me- I was very pleased for my Husband Shaun and eldest son Lewis to arrive and join me and my youngest son Cameron on Monday here in California from the UK .You can see in the photo that Cameron is extremely pleased his big brother has arrived!


Lewis and Cameron 29.7.16


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Happy August, folks! Love Katrina xx











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